How to organise a Hash

Check form – How to organize a HASH :
the “ know how “

Before “ D Day “

a.Pick up a team , preferably of six : three walkers and three runners .

b.Determine the date with the “Hmasters” , at least two weeks in advance . Make sure you get one another’s phone contacts to keep in touch .

c.Locate a circuit by the means of one or two exploring visits. The total distance must not exceed 8 to 10 kms for walkers , 12 to 15 kms for runners.
The beer-stop will be situated at a half-way distance. Include a couple of loops and check-backs in order to reunite all participants . The thing is to get everyone arrive together at the beer-stop ,and at the final destination aswell.

d.Find a maquis or a caterer , if your Hash is an organized one . Keep in mind that the cost of each meal must not exceed 1.500 CFA . “Hmasters” will decide
upon the number of meals to be ordered , depending on the average participants of previous weeks.

e.Draw a clear map of how to get to the meeting point . This map has to be handed over to the “Hmasters” ( preferably by e-mail to Bea ) on Tuesday before the walk , and has to indicate the type of organization ( organized or semi-organized ) , the Hares’ names and day and time of venue.

f.Find a possible sponsor who would accept either to donate Tee-shirts ( keep in mind that you need one week to have them printed with the date and Hash number ) or who would partly pay for the meals.

Upon “ D Day “

a. Mark the circuit before midday with T paper , confettis , chalk-marks on the
tar-road . Always put marks on the left-hand side , preferably white ones for walkers , pink ones for runners . Two marks on top of each other indicate a check-back .

b. Arrive 30 minutes before meeting time and take the “bâchée” car to the beer-stop point . Come back and give away the Tee-shirts (if any available) .

c.Hand over your expenses-slips for refund to the “Hmasters” .